Swadhayay Bhawan:
This school situated at Matunga, follows the ICSE curriculum judiciously. It is the true cradle of creativity. This school has been rigorously following the Creative Craft initiative and the students have been encouraged to create articles from the Creative Craft curriculum using Fevicryl Hobby Ideas products.
Dancing paper dolls created by
the school students using
Fevicol MR.
Artistic pen stands created out of
paper using Fevicol MR. These
have been further painted using Colstar
Poster Colours
Christmas fall can be felt
viewing this cute Hanging Santa
created out of ice cream sticks
using Fevicol MR and Fevicryl Hobby
Ideas Acrylic Colour.
The bright Solar mask painted with
FevicrylHobby Ideas Pearl Metallic
Colour. ethereal solar glaze.
The innovative musical instrument,
Paper harmonium created out of
Fevicol MR and Fevicryl Hobby Ideas
Acrylic Colour has got a realistic look.
Toddling penguins created using
thermocol Fevicol MR and Rangeela
Students’ Tempera Colour
Beautiful floral pot created out of
Hobby Ideas Shilpkar and
painted with Fevicryl Hobby
Ideas Acrylic Colour
Elephant created out of Hobby
Ideas Shilpkar and painted with Fevicryl
Hobby Ideas Pearl Metallic Colour
 Ms. Ami Mehta: Art Teacher of Swadhayay Bhavan
Passion for art has driven Ami Mehta a long way and make a mark in the field of art and craft. She has been imparting knowledge in the field of art and craft in Swadhayay Bhavan for the last one and half years and has found the Creative Craft initiative extremely helpful. Bearing a sweet smile on her expressive face she states, “The Creative Craft initiative has helped me tremendously. The Creative Craft curriculums serve as an apt guiding tool for her. The best aspects of the curriculums are that they have been provided individually for each standard and have covered nearly all topics relevant to impart knowledge in the field of art and craft.” She feels that these curriculums designed by Pidilite Industries Ltd helps to provide a lot of knowledge in the field of art and craft and has made it possible to give good exposure to the art teachers. She avers proudly, "no other company has taken up such a constructive effort to spread knowledge in the field of art and craft."
On enquiring about her suggestion which she would like give us to be incorporated while upgrading the curriculums is that, more projects should be included pertaining to plants, animals , solar system , houses ,trees and many more similar projects. "Art and craft is one of the ingredients which form the basic foundation of a child’s character." states Ami. She feels art & craft plays a key role in building a child’s character and helps to develop their interest in different kinds of activities.
In today’s competitive world she feels a child can make a full fledged career in this field. "There are so many variations in this field ranging from commercial art , graphic designing , communication designing and all these fields have a huge demand of artists. In such kind of market scenario, it is the most lucrative field for a child to make his career."
Ms. Mehta has won a lot of awards to her credit and she has recently won the Sushila Trophy in the Maharashtra State “Child Art “Exhibition – 2008 using Pidilite Products. She feels that she has managed to grab such prestigious awards due to her passion and ardent interest in this field. Moreover she is closely attached to children and she felt art and craft is the most creative avenue and the easiest way to stay close to children. She feels art and craft has immensely contributed in her life and she feels she has grown as person practicing art and craft and it is one thing which is indispensable in her life.
Ms. Ami is extremely creative and she has created a lot of artistic articles and she especially enjoys the medium of Fevicryl Hobby Ideas products.
Palm Beach School, a stately education institution situated on the face of Napien Sea Road celebrated the Children’s Day with a difference. Being acclaimed as one of the most prestigious institution, was inaugurated by Smt. Vijyalaxmi Pandit, the then governor of Maharashtra, in the year 1964.This school is ranked as one of the most reputed schools having the affiliation of the ICSE board and has taken up the Creative Craft initiative to instill art and craft in their mainstream curriculum.
This year Children’s day was celebrated with colour and pomp in association with Creative Craft. A Rangeela Contest was organized for classes I, II, III, IV, V and VI. In this contest more than 150 students participated and there were exciting prizes for them. The topics of the competition were decided prior the contest and each class had different topics to compete for. Students were thrilled to participate in such a competition on the occasion of Children’s Day. There day became more special with the exciting prizes awaiting their way.
Class V
Painting "My Favorite Scene"
using Rangeela Tempera Colours
Class IV
Avantika Pawar, art teacher
demonstrating the preparation of
Christmas Card
Class III
Creating Christmas Greeting
Card using Rangeela Paper
Class I
Enjoying the Rangeela Paper
Glitters while creating Christmas
Greeting Cards
Class III
Busy creating their beautiful
Christmas Greeting Cards using
Rangeela Tempera Colours and
Rangeela Paper Glitters
Class V
Creating "My Favorite Scene"
using Rangeela Tempera colours.
 Palm Beach School :
Students of Palm Beach School are continuously encouraged to practice art and craft and create new things out of their creativity.
Creativity oozing out - A 3D
model of a forest scene created
by the school students.
A 3D model of trains.  
Avantika Pawar an artist by profession has been imparting art knowledge among the students of Palm Beach School since 2006. On the occasion of Children’s Day we had an opportunity to know her as a person as well as a passionate artist. She feels that, the initiative of Pidilite Industries Ltd in form of Creative Craft is an ideal way to instill art and craft among children. She avers that Creative Craft helps to enhance the creativity of the children as well as help in the physical and psychological development of the children.
On enquiring about the Creative Craft curriculums, she gives away a sigh of relief and states that the books are extremely helpful and it acts as a guiding tool for her to explore her creativity and teach new techniques of art and craft to her students. She added that she always knew about Warli painting but these curriculums have given her an idea where to use it in a creative manner. When we asked for her suggestions and inputs which she would like us to incorporate in the magazine, her sweet smile said it all. "It has everything, what more can I ask for?" was her immediate reply.
On a common note she feels art and craft helps children to speak their mind out and they become aware about their natural and social surroundings. She has a firm conviction that children can make good career in this field, since so many diversities have come up in this field in form of fashion designing, sculpture, metal work, commercial art and so many other avenues. "Children have a lot more to explore now days", she states and she proudly added "even I have made a career in this field."
Avantika, told us that she always loved art and craft and she feels elated to have successfully reached that spiritual level which she dreams of passing to the future generation through colours and creativity.
Creative School
Teachers of Gopal Sharma High School have successfully implemented the Creative Craft Initiative in their mainstream curriculum. They have intensively guided the students to create most of the projects incorporated in the curriculum.
 Goregaon Education Society – A true creative base
Goregaon Education Society is a true base where creativity has been flourishing for the last 50 years. This institution has witnessed the success of huge number of students over the years and still today it stands by its commitment in the field of imparting knowledge and instilling creativity among students. Daya Bhai Patel founded this institution and five schools have affiliation under this institution. Students of this institution are extremely talented and in order to nurture the budding talents of the students, the faculty members incorporate art and craft in their curriculum extensively.
Class X students of Goregoan Education Society are quite an excited lot who love experimenting with new ideas and creating new articles.
 Creatively Archana Jadhav:
Archana Jadhav an ardent patron of art and craft has been imparting knowledge in the field of art and craft among children throughout her life. She feels Creative Craft initiative is a boon in this competitive world to instill art and craft. She is fascinated by the large range products available and the variations which can be achieved in art and craft using these products.
On enquiring about the Creative Craft curriculum, she gives a keen look and states, "the syllabus is absolutely pertaining to the standards of the students." She feels that these curriculums have made teaching art and craft, creative, easy and convenient. She adds that all through her career as an art teacher she has experimented with a lot of variations in the genre of art and craft , but still there are few fields in which her knowledge has increased by consulting these curriculums such as decoupage art, Shilpkar art and so on. The workshop conducted under Creative Craft initiative has fascinated her a lot. She feels more workshops should be conducted and demonstrations about the products should be made often.
"Art and craft plays a very important role in the development of a child’s character", avers Ms. Jadhav. She adds that creative projects help in the overall development of a child and she conceives a firm conviction that they can make a flourishing career in this field in future.
On enquiring about her interest in this field she states , "I am a commerce graduate but , my passion for art was so strong that I did my Masters in art from Sir J. J School of Art." Art is a satiating factor for her and she feels it helps her to connect with her soul.
She has been imparting knowledge in the field of art for the last 16 years and she feels grateful that the Almighty has graced her with so much of creativity and talent.

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